Become a Master at Manifestation & the Law of Attraction so you can start living the life you've always dreamed of!

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  • An ambitious woman that fiercely goes after her dreams with unshakable confidence & knows her worth

  • An embodied leader that owns her unique voice & expands beyond her comfort zone to achieve massive success in her business

  • An abundant boss babe that attracts her desires with effortless ease & is a master at Manifesting

Laura Livermore


  • Comparing yourself to others, trying to copy their success & feeling totally out of alignment

  • The fearful, judgemental, negative thoughts that keep you from fully showing up

  • Feeling overwhelmed & stuck in the hustle-burnout cycle in your business

  • The self-sabotaging habits that keep you playing small

  • Trying to understand the complex manifestation concepts on your own & not knowing how to actually apply them to your life

  • Living the same year over & over getting similar results

  • Wondering why the Law of Attraction seems to work sometimes but not all of the time



  • Were divinely connected to your intuition & took bold action towards your goals because you knew without a shadow of doubt that your success was inevitable

  • Fully stepped into your power & got paid abundantly just by being authentically YOU​

  • Worked less, had more fun & received all of your desires with ease​

  • Had a simple process to implement any time you felt yourself getting stuck in a negative thought loop

  • Finally ended the vicious cycle of overwhelm, procrastination & self sabotage 

  • Had unshakable confidence to show up as the boss lady of your own life!

  • Were a master at manifestation & took quantum leaps in your life & business

  • Asked for what you wanted unapologetically.... and got it (bring on the money honey!)​

  • Knew how to handle any situation with grace

  • Released the root cause of limiting beliefs & toxic habits that kept you stuck

  • Easily attracted dream clients, amazing opportunities & million dollar ideas

  • Woke up every day stoked to be living out your purpose & living in alignment with your soul!

  • Finally understood how to make the Law of Attraction work for You!


A 12 week Self Mastery program designed to help you manifest your goals & ascend beyond your current limitations in your life & business.

Learn how to master your mind, break old patterns & reprogram subconscious limiting beliefs so you no longer self sabotage your success.

Become a sovereign leader & learn how to shift from overworked & underpaid to aligned & abundant (dream clients, amazing opportunities, more revenue) using the Law of Attraction & High Ticket Sales Strategy. (You only need ONE high ticket offer!)


Implement the framework to an aligned 6 figure business.

This program will provide you the support & guidance you need to reach that next level in your business & become your Higher Self!


Transformational Training Portal:

MODULE 1: Become A Conscious Creator Of Your Reality

MODULE 2: Unblock Your Inner Child & Reprogram Subconscious Limiting Beliefs

MODULE 3: Release Money Blocks & Activate Your Wealthy, Worthy Codes

MODULE 4: Narrow Your Niche & Position Yourself As An Expert To Attract Dream Clients With Magnetic Marketing

MODULE 5: Create & Sell Your Unique High Ticket Offer

MODULE 6: Quantum Leap Into Your Next Level Self & Receive With Ease

🌟DAILY EMBODIMENT & REPROGRAMMING PRACTICES:  Meditations, Hypnosis, Breathwork & EFT Tapping, Personal Development Reading List


🌟  12 Weekly Group Coaching Calls - held over Zoom, get your personal questions answered directly from me

🌟 Life-changing Workbooks & Journal Prompts - downloadable pdfs that can be used repeatedly throughout your life, whenever you need them, + Boss Babe Sales Script

🌟 3 NLP 1:1 Breakthrough Sessions

🌟 Hypnosis Tracks - rewire your subconscious programming & unleash your confident queen

🌟 Transformational Meditations - generate an abundance mindset, strengthen your intuition & receive guidance from your Higher Self. (downloadable mp3s to play back any time)

🌟 Private FB Group for Soul Sister Community & Support along your journey with other like-minded women that are ready to expand & uplevel together


Want to connect on a phone call to see if working together is the right fit?


Claira H. - London


Laura is a fantastic coach. She held space for me & was able to suggest techniques & tools that could help me feel empowered & in control. With Laura's help, I now know my purpose & am super grateful. Can't recommend her highly enough.





Brittany C.

Before joining her program, I was frustrated & losing hope in my business. I have had major blocks around money and receiving. Although I knew about manifesting I had never successfully manifested a large sum of money. By week three of her program I signed on a client who paid in full for my 8 week course! If you are thinking of working with Laura...DO IT! She has been so hands on through this whole experience with not only manifesting advice and tools but also when it comes to my coaching business. Thank you Laura!

Amy G. - Los Angeles


I felt an overall shift in my energy, focus & mental health working with Laura. She is a wealth of knowledge & something you don't get from traditional therapies. It was fun & inspiring to learn new, effective tools that I can (and will) take with me throughout life. Thank you so much Laura!



Brianna - Chicago


I was able to shift my mindset from negative thoughts to discovering the lesson and anchoring in a new way of thinking through affirmations. I really see a huge difference with my mindset and my confidence!





Michelle C. - Florida

I just signed a new client after a 2 month hiatus and it's all from changing my belief in myself through all I'm learning in this program!! I'm only 2 weeks in so I'm beyond excited to see where the next few weeks take me!





Kristen S. - California

I have had an incredible experience working with Laura. She is knowledgable & patient & provides 1:1 coaching opportunities within the group forum. This course came right at the right time for me & the weekly content kept me engaged, actively learning & provided results. She really took the time to assist with some important breakthroughs! I strongly encourage whoever is on the fence to make the investment in yourself & work with Laura!

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