6 Week Transformational Program

Manifest the life of freedom, joy & abundance that you truly desire.

It's 2020, my love...

it's time for you to step up & flourish into your highest self

Now, more than ever, we are being called to do the inner work. 

You have 2 choices. You can either, EVOLVE or REPEAT.

You can either...

Continue making the same choices that have kept you in an unfulfilling job or unhappy relationship or unhealthy habits,


You can CHOOSE to finally get the support & guidance you need to GROW into the best version of you & live the life you are WORTHY of having.

Hey... I know what it's like to feel lost, powerless, and stuck on an emotional roller coaster repeating the same habits over & over. I know what it's like to feel unfulfilled, stressed out, knowing that I'm capable of so much more, but lacking the clarity on what that is.

Not that long ago, my life looked a lot different than it is today. 

In my 20's I was a bit of a hot mess...


My emotions were all over the place.  I was stressed out from family issues, in the wrong relationship, and burnt out at work.


I partied (probably more than I should've) with the excuse that I was being social, but was really more of a stress coping mechanism. (Work hard, play hard right?!)


I was doubtful of my abilities and allowed my fears & insecurities to run the show. I had no idea what I wanted & no idea how to make a change.

Until I found myself at a turning point. Everything around me seemed to be falling apart, but I now know that God/the Universe was shifting things for me & pushing me in the right direction to grow into the best version of me.

I went from:

> Unfulfilled & overwhelmed ..... to living my purpose

> Stressed out Weekend Warrior.... to Self Care Queen

> "Unlucky".... to manifesting miracles

> Indecisive procrastinator.... to intuitive & proactive

> Unhealthy & unbalanced..... to completely aligned & feeling my best

I know you want to get clear on your desires & become the version of you that has it all.

You might even be at a turning point of your own...

Does any of this resonate with you?

>  You've got big dreams and goals, but at times you find yourself procrastinating  or self sabotaging.

> You are taking lots of action towards your goals, yet aren't seeing the results you want... You're feeling frustrated, anxious and burnt out.

> You are your own worst critic.


>  You come home exhausted at the end of your day with the intention to work out, but all you really want to do is grab a glass of wine & watch Netflix.

> You feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster. 1 min you're inspired, hustling and working hard. The next you're exhausted, overwhelmed and 2 seconds away from an anxiety attack.


>  You feel like your stuck on autopilot, repeating bad habits like an overplayed Rihanna song.

>  You have a hard time making decisions & tend to go back & forth in your head a lot, which sometimes leads to paralysis.

>  You find yourself in judgment or comparing your life to others, wondering how they seem to have it all together.

>  When you think about change, or starting something new, you get completely overwhelmed, fearful or anxious because you hardly even have time for yourself, so you end up staying where you are & then beat yourself up for not making the change....

WHEW! If you answered YES to any of these, take a deep breath! Recognize that this is the first step towards shifting your mindset, resetting your energy levels & creating momentum towards the life of your dreams.

all you need is the decision for change & for someone to show you the way.

Aligned & Magnetic Manifestor

Throughout this 6 week transformational journey, you will implement powerful mindfulness practices to heal yourself from the inside out: reduce anxiety, reprogram your subconscious beliefs, gain clarity, conquer your fears, and connect to your intuition so you are back in alignment with your soul. 


You will learn how to work with the Laws of the Universe to lift your energetic vibration, have unwavering faith in your vision, take inspired action and start embodying the next level version of you, so you can easily manifest all of your desires and goals. 


These teachings will equip you for the rest of your life so you can come back to living life in alignment with your higher self and allow abundance to flow to you. 


the details:

  • 6 Week Online Course, 1 module per week

  • 6 1:1 Coaching Calls with Certified Spiritual Life Coach & NLP Practitioner, Laura, for a deep transformation & unlimited support. Calls are 1 hour long & done over Zoom

  • Recorded Videos

  • Weekly Soul Work and Inner Healing Journal Prompts

  • Recorded Guided Meditations

  • Life Changing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Techniques to increase confidence, motivation + instantly let go of negative emotions or limiting beliefs

  • EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) to lift your energy & your vibration

  • Goal Setting & Getting Clear on your Desires

  • BONUS: Abundance Games & Meditation to help you call in the money, honey!

  • BONUS: Personalized Next-Level-You Hypnosis

  • BONUS: Early Bird Discount

  • Lifetime access to the material

The self method:

  • MODULE 1: Inner Alignment

 - Discovering where you need to heal

 - Setting up a powerful morning routine

 - Intro to meditation

 - The importance of feeling good + aligning with your highest Self

  • MODULE 2: The Universe + Your Radical Responsibility

 - What is manifestation + how the Universe really works

 - Your radical responsibility to create your life with intention

 - Reclaiming authority over your thoughts & no longer giving your power away

 - White Light Meditation

  • MODULE 3: Desires + Goals

 - Getting clear + Designing the Next-Level-You

 - The importance of your language in creating your life

 - How to use creative visualization to attract your desires

 - Vision boards

  • MODULE 4: Release + Reprogram Your Mindset

 - Letting go of Fear, Worry + Doubt, and what to do when they creep back in

 - How to rewrite your stories + halt negative thought loops

 - Forgiveness + Affirmations

 - Avoiding self- sabotage

  • MODULE 5: Vibration + Inspired Action

 - Gaining control of your emotions

 - EFT tapping to shift from a negative emotional state to a positive

 - How to become and energetic match to your desires

 - Gratitude + rampage of appreciation

 - Tuning in to soul guidance + following your intuition

 - Meeting the Universe half way

  • MODULE 6: Non-Attachment + Receiving

 - Allowing vs disallowing

 - How to have unwavering faith + trust

 - Detaching from outcomes

 - Clearing space + receiving your desires

 - Embodying the next level version of you


questions? book a free discovery call to apply


"Laura is a fantastic coach. She held space for me and let me unload. The relief of being able to be open and honest was huge. Laura was then able to suggest techniques and tools that could help me which really made me feel empowered and in control. One particular tool she used had a really strong, profound and lasting effect for me. I had been feeling stuck and held between an old way of being and who I want to become. With Laura's help I am now much more identified as this powerful, purposeful, confident version of me. Prior to working with Laura I didn't think was possible. I am super grateful and can't recommend her highly enough. We all need help in creating a better version of ourselves and our lives. Choosing the right help is imperative, and I definitely did that with Laura.  

- Claira H, London

"When I came to Laura I was burnt out at my job, struggling with anxiety and the pressures of maintaining at this level. I was looking for ways to help me reduce my stress levels and work on my goals.  She not only did that but also helped me identify and let go of self sabotaging habits and limiting beliefs I didn't realize I had! She is compassionate, relatable and a phenomenal coach!

- KW, California

"Working with Laura was amazing. She was one the most patient and compassionate listeners and really spent a lot of time hearing me out before coming up with a suggested solution. I came to her to tell her that I had been struggling with a specific identity issue and while I spent a ton of time psychoanalyzing it... I wasn't really getting anywhere. She completely understood where I was coming from and suggested a NLP Technique called 'The Swish Pattern'. Don't worry if you have no idea what I'm talking about because you don't really need to know any of the how-to details. She'll explain how you participate. The technique helped me to essentially take the identity I was currently operating from and 'swish' me into a new identity I desired... this next-level-me who no longer struggles with the issue I came to her with. It only took a few minutes and by the next morning I was already experiencing the results. What I had spent years trying to get out of, only took a handful of minutes in this session! I'm so grateful for my experience with Laura and for her intuition, for knowing exactly what I needed and how to help me. She's worth every penny!

- Amanda W, Los Angeles